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As a pain consultant in Jersey, Dr McClymont deals with all aspects of pain and his aim is to provide tailored treatment plans for each patient in order to reduce their level of pain, increase their physical function and mobility and thus quality of life. The following approach is used:


An initial assessment is undertaken including a clinical examination as it is important to assess the severity, impact and type of pain, ie acute, chronic, neuropathic, etc. As part of the assessment, MRI scans, x-rays or CT scans may be required and these will be arranged at the Jersey General Hospital. Blood investigations may also be required and again these can be done at the Jersey General Hospital or via the patient's GP.


A diagnosis is usually given at the time of the assessment unless scans/x-rays are required. Dr McClymont will then explain the diagnosis to the patient to help them understand the pain they are experiencing and encourage them to have a positive attitude to coping with their pain as this can be beneficial.


Following diagnosis, suggested treatments are discussed with the patient such as injections, medications, physiotherapy, exercise, self-management skills and pacing and goal setting. Treatments will be tailored depending upon whether the pain is chronic, acute or neuropathic in nature.

Proposed treatments are not just aimed at pain relief but also at changing pain behaviour and improving function, quality of life and reducing the use of medication. Preventing a relapse in pain symptoms is another purpose of the treatment.


Follow-up appointments are arranged to check the patient's progress and assess the outcome of the pain relief measures. This also provides the opportunity to fine tune any existing treatments or offer additional ones depending upon the patient's progress.

Dr McClymont works closely with his surgical and medical colleagues and refers patients to them for their particular expertise when required.