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Below is a selection of testimonials from patients of Dr McClymont's Pain Clinic:

"Dr McClymont has a warm and friendly manner. He is a good listener and has a very positive attitude. My visit to the hospital was made as pleasant as possible and it was good to see how much the staff enjoyed working with him and the injections he gave me did help, which was a real plus! He also has a lovely secretary."

- Mrs C H

"I was very happy with my treatment, it was successful and I found Dr McClymont great to deal with."

- Mrs M D

"I found from the beginning of the first appointment to the procedure he was very reassuring and supportive. He took great care showing me exactly what was involved and how it was going to affect me. My procedure went well and I have a massive reduction of my symptoms and has made my life more bearable. Thank you Dr McClymont."

- Mr S W

"I have scoliosis and part of my curvature was corrected through surgery five years ago. This year, after being relatively pain free for four years, I experienced pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder blade area (near the site of the untreated part of the scoliosis) as well as hip bursitis. After being treated by my physiotherapist for the hip bursitis, I started to walk outside of the home again and the back pain was very difficult to manage and prevented me from walking for more than a few minutes without severe pain. My physiotherapist recommended that I consult with Dr McClymont. In less than two weeks I had a consultation with Dr McClymont and in May and June 2014 I had two sets of trigger point injections using Botox after a test patch was tried out. This does not require any local anaesthetic and was very quick. The results have been significant and long lasting. The injections take two weeks to take effect and the pain reduced with each set of injections and continued to improve in July and August as I became more mobile again. In the area where I had the Botox injections by Dr McClymont, I have experienced about 90% pain relief and am extremely happy with the results."

- Mrs L L